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Senior Geologist – Geological Engineer with more than 25 years of experience, previously was working at TeckCominco starting as junior geologist and rapidly ascending to project geologist to administration manager. He was part of the discovery teams of Crespo (ex Liam, Au) and Zafranal (Cu) projects.

Daniel has a broad experience in management of environmental and community relations programs, health and safety protocols, mining property maintenance and logistical support for mining projects.


  • Werner Warscheid (Director)

Senior geologist with more than 25 years of experience on greenfield, brownfield and near mine exploration in Perú, Chile, Argentina y Colombia; drill targets generation, mining resources estimation, QA/QC on exploration process and selection and assessment of mining exploration technologies.

Werner started working on regional and mining projects exploration in international companies like Minera del Suroeste, Newcrest Mining and Inmet Mining.

He was part of the team responsible of the impressing mining resources growth of the Yanacocha mine (>50 M.oz. Au) working at El Tapado (La Quinua Basement), Chaquicocha Sur and Alta, Yanacocha Este, Quecher, Regional San Cirilo, among others.

More recently, Werner took the position of Geology Manager for Lumina Copper in the El Galeno copper project (>11B lb Cu) feasibility study, completing within time and budget the drilling campaigns for metallurgical, geotechnical and condemnation for mine facilities studies.

Consultant for mining project developments and valuations and technical advisor in CumbrEx focused on management, monitoring and quality assurance of the provided technical services.